The Early Years Programme

Our Aim

Lifeskills recognises that an understanding of different safety and health issues is an important skill for parents. With this in mind we have developed the Early Years Programme which aims to help parents identify the safety concerns that may arise with young children and learn how to overcome them.

How it Works

The Centre is built as a realistic village containing shops, roads and houses with interactive scenarios that present potentially difficult or dangerous situations. The scenarios provide a unique and interesting environment in which to discuss relevant safety issues and share each other’s experiences. This could be deciding which types of food they should be buying for their children at the supermarket, how to how teach their family road safety skills or how to react in a house fire.

Who Can Use the Centre

Staff working in Children’s Centres are able to attend training sessions at Lifeskills in order to become familiar with the scenarios and develop the necessary skills for using the Centre. Having attended the training they are then able to bring groups of parents to the Centre to discuss various safety or health messages. This allows the visit to be tailored to the specific needs of individuals and can tackle the issues that are most relevant to each group.

Training to Use the Centre

If you work for a Children’s Centre and would like more information on our training courses, please call 0117 9224511.

Session Details

Bookings to use the Centre must be made by calling Lifeskills on 0117 9224511. Sessions are currently only available during school holidays. All visits are free of charge but you will need to arrange your own transport to and from the Centre. Groups should be no larger than 5 or 6 people (due to limited space on some scenarios) and can only attend if they are accompanied by a member of staff who has trained to use the Centre. The amount of time you should spend on each scenario is flexible depending on which areas you would prefer to spend more time discussing, however your tour should last no longer than 70-75 minutes in total. Where possible we would suggest that children are not brought on the visit as it may be distracting for parents. In particular we would ask that children of around 9-11yrs old are not brought on the visit as it will detract from their Year 6 school trip. If you need to bring children with you, please note that you will be responsible for looking after them. We have no additional staff, facilities or resources within Lifeskills to cater for children.


Useful links

Safety Equipment Scheme

The Lifeskills Safety Equipment Scheme aims to encourage parents to buy equipment that will help to prevent their children having accidents at home. We are currently working with Children’s Centres within the Bristol and North Somerset areas to provide good quality equipment, at a reasonable price, that parents can purchase from their local Children’s Centre. By providing a number of small safety items to local Centres, we hope to raise awareness of the need for such safety measures, make them easily accessible for people to buy and also ensure that the equipment being used is of a high standard. If you would like more information about the scheme, please call 0117 9224511. To download a copy of the safety equipment catalogue please click here.


Accidental Poisoning Scheme

During 2011 Lifeskills was commissioned by NHS Bristol to develop and produce resources highlighting issues around accidental poisoning in young children. Each Childrens Centre has been provided with a pack containing numerous copies of each of the resources, but you can download them here

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