Adults with Learning Difficulties Programme

Our Aim

The Lifeskills Centre aims to help improve the lives of people with learning difficulties by providing realistic sets where people can learn and practise independent living skills.  The Centre hopes to provide a space where people can take their time to learn at their own pace and at the same time to enjoy the experience.

How it Works

The Centre is built as a realistic village containing shops, roads and houses with interactive scenarios that present potentially difficult or dangerous situations. Working on the scenarios can help people learn how to deal with these problems and practise their responses whilst in a safe environment. This could range from deciding which types of food they should be buying at the supermarket to how to react in a house fire. There is even the opportunity to practise making a 999 phone call.

By arranging a series of visits to the Centre, people also have the opportunity to become familiar with the environment and improve their skills over a period of time.

Who Can Use the Centre

Carers and professionals working with adults with learning disabilities are invited to attend a training session at Lifeskills in order to become familiar with the scenarios and supporting resources and develop the necessary skills for using Lifeskills to support their work.  Having attended the training they are then able to bring groups/individuals to the Centre and use the scenarios to develop independent living skills and/or to carry out assessments.  This means that training can be tailored to the specific needs of individuals and can tackle issues that are most relevant to the service users.

Session Details and Booking Information

Once you have attended a training session you can book the Centre for use on any weekday between 12pm and 1pm and 3pm to 4pm. There may also be wider availability during school holidays.

If you have already trained to use the Centre and would like to book a session, please call 0117 9224511.


An evaluation of the work with people with learning difficulties was completed in July 2003.

The full report is available in word format (here), or as in Acrobat pdf format (here). A summary is available from the Lifeskills Centre.

Feedback from clients/service users is always welcome and helps us to stay relevant and up to date.


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